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Diaka Daniels, Chief Executive Officer of Perpetual Care Services, is a well-respected and reliable professional in the home care industry, thanks to her extensive experience and expertise over the last 25+ years. Her professional life has been guided by servant leadership principles and a commitment to exceptional quality and service.


Her philosophy is to prioritize the needs of her clients and their families.


Diaka has a first-hand understanding of the difficulties of taking care of an aging family member as the primary caregiver for her grandmother.  These heartfelt experiences made her realize the need for quality in-home care for aging adults, and she moved to form Perpetual Care Services in 2019.  Since its inception, she has successfully served clients while she continues to lead Perpetual Care Services as a premier provider of non-medical and home care services throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast.  

In 2021 Perpetual Care Services launched APD services in West Palm Beach, FL cementing its position as a leading care provider in the region.

Diaka bases her life on the strength of her faith.  She resides in West Palm Beach and enjoys traveling and spending time with family & friends, and working amongst the community.

Perpetual care services CEO
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Caring and Compassionate

Caring is our business. We believe that caregiving is more than just a job, but rather a life-changing experience which will establish, maintain and boost companionship, care and safety for aging adults in our communities.

Commitment to Excellence

We believe in the quest for excellence and there is aways room for improvement. We are constantly trying to find new and better ways to

improve our services and strengthen client relationship


To be successful in the care of clients and their family members, we have to be passionate and put our heart into the work. We are dedicated to helping our clients live a healthy injury-free lifestyle so they can continue to do the things they love.


We are open and accessible at all times. We truly value our customers' feedback and believe that open communication helps to foster transparency which in turn translates to better quality of service to our clients and their family members.

Honesty & Integritiy

We conduct our business and treat our clients and employees with honesty and integrity by fostering a "customer-first" mentality.

Positive Attitude

We believe that positive attitude leads to only the best results in happiness, care, and trust. Our caregivers utilize positivity to help balance the effects and trails that come with aging and remind them of the greater things that surround them.

Servant Leadership

We believe in, and practice, the 7 key principles of servant leadership and utilizing them each and every day

Honor Others (before yourself)

  • Inspire Vision (before setting the course)

  • Choose Ethics (before profit)

  • Empower Others (before personal gain)

  • Privilege People (before tasks)

  • Balance Focus with Flexibility (before making decisions)

  • Serve With Humility (before all else)

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It is our mission at Perpetual Care Services to value, respect and commit ourselves to improving the dignity and quality of life for every one of our clients and their family members, in the comfort of their own homes.


We strive to heighten the standards and expectations of the home healthcare industry by providing the highest level of care, compassion and dedication.

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